Why our honey is different

Our hives are located in an area that is free of large agricultural development. The nectar that is gathered from the wild plants is free of the chemical influence associated with agriculture. We manage our hives in such a manner that antibiotics or chemicals are not necessary to maintain the health of the hives. This assures that the honey that is produced is as free from contamination as possible.


Just as the aroma varies from flower to flower, the taste of the nectar does as well. The taste of honey is determined largely by the nectar that the bees use to produce it. Most commercial honey comes from clover. This explains the similar taste that is found between most of the major brands in the stores. The taste that you find in our honey comes from a wide variety of wildflowers that are found on and near our family homestead. The major contributing flower sources are: Fireweed, Wild Sitka Rose, Wild Raspberry, Labrador Tea, and Alaska Spirea, Many other flowers are mixed in as well to a lesser degree. The taste of our honey is truly an Alaskan bouquet.

Harvest and Processing

We believe that honey is in its purest form when it is in the hive. Every step in the process of getting honey from the comb and into a bottle has the potential to degrade the quality of the original honey. Our harvest and processing methods are aimed at preserving as much as possible the purity and taste of comb honey. A slide show of our harvesting process and all the things that go on in the honey room can be found on this site, on this page.