Helpful Documents

We not only provide honeybees and supplies to beekeepers throughout Alaska, but we are also provide quality customer assistance, advice, and beekeeping education. 

Throughout the season, we receive many questions on beekeeping; we have placed many of the common ones here as well as other articles that you may find useful. We have categorized the material by month. All of the material is also available through a topical guide.

South-central Alaska Beekeepers Association is a group of beekeepers that get together each month in Eagle River just outside Anchorage. Our membership is about 180 members. It is a great group of people who share an enthusiasm for beekeeping. They now have a website of their own,  

There is a Facebook page on Alaskan beekeeping techniques called South-central AK beekeepers discussion group for those who are interested in a local forum.


Beekeeping classes are usually taught in the spring of each year. Covid has certainly interrupted our regular beekeeping class style and our ability to reliably schedule and conduct in person classes.  As an alternative we will film our small beekeeping class that we have scheduled here at our Big Lake facility and post the videos of that here on the website for anyone who would like to view them.  Our class is scheduled for early March so the videos should be posted shortly after that date.

This year our goal is to teach advanced class topics at each SABA meeting instead of having a dedicated class.  Topics include swarm management techniques, 2 queen hive management, bee yard efficiency tips, Harvest and Processing information to get you done without spending ages of time at the tasks.