Alaska Wildflower Honey is a beekeeping operation run by the Victors family in Big Lake, Alaska. We started about 20 years ago as hobby beekeepers and have since grown to support most of the beekeepers throughout the state of Alaska. Our bees forage in a location away from road-side pollution and other contaminates, ensuring that the result is pure honey from clean bees. In recent years we have concentrated on selling beekeeping supplies, distributing packages of bees, and educating local beekeepers. We are now the largest supplier of honeybees and beekeeping supplies in the state of Alaska. We take pride in delivering a quality product to satisfied customers. hives behind our house on Fish Creek.

We began beekeeping near our home on Fish Creek. Our hives were located in an area that was extensively burned with a major wildfire in 1996. This fire changed the growth from mature birch and spruce forest to many open areas of fireweed and wildflowers. Since bees forage out to 1.5 miles from their hive, we could ensure that the bees had little else to forage on except the natural wild vegetation. While this still is the case, as the forest has recovered there have been less open areas for the fields of wildflowers and good bee forage has been reduced. This has prompted us to move our hives to other areas near Big Lake, which adds variety to the honey and pollen that we collect. Our locations are selected to avoid areas where industry, heavy agriculture and extensive road traffic are of concern. We believe that whatever toxins are applied to plants or settle in the roadside ditches and vegetation have the potential to be taken up by plant roots and may very well show up in the honey that local hives produce. We avoid these areas to ensure that the quality of our honey stays the best that you can find anywhere.

We also have a dealership in beekeeping supplies through Mann Lake Ltd. and carry supplies for the local beekeepers. Beekeeping supply has become our primary interest.  Although we are able to offer all of the items that are listed in the Mann Lake Catalog we don't have all the items in stock. We have increased inventory each year and have a wide variety of beekeeping supplies on hand all year long. By bringing supplies to Alaska on pallets and buying in bulk, our prices are likely to be less you can find elsewhere. A list of supplies is located on this site that we have on hand almost all the time.

We are also the largest supplier of package bees in the the state of Alaska. We believe that the quality of our bees, queens and the service that we provide is the reason that we continue to grow. In the spring, we import packages of bees from Northern California to stock our own hives. We also import many additional packages for the local beekeepers association SABA (South-central Alaska Beekeepers Association) as well as other beekeepers in the area. Packages are delivered in mid-April to various areas of the region. We guarantee our packages and queens to arrive in good shape with well mated queens ready to lay. If you are interested in ordering bees, please visit the package bees page. Orders for spring delivery need to be placed in January or February to ensure availability.